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PLAN CONNECT 2.0 SaaS Document Management

Helping an Established SaaS with Design Sprints to Create Alignment and a Product Vision

PLANCONNECT is a drawing management collaboration platform (Common Data Environment) plus a managed service for the construction industry. The platform enables architects and other construction personal to distribute drawing documents to the site. The Managed Service helps to ensure the quality of these planning documents.

PLANCONNCET was undergoing a significant consolidation process and planning a substantial technology refactoring for their frontend technology. 

I worked with the PLANCONNECT team in a Design Sprint to answer the most critical questions of their product and business: 

  • What features are the most beneficial for our users
  • Where should we start to invest new development resources?
  • What is our product vision for the next two years?

The Starting Point

PLANCONNECT’s first version was simple but effective document management system. Our customers wanted to learn more about what features their current customers love about the product. Customers appreciated the managed service aspect of the product, so we made sure the future version uses this value proposition.  


An established SaaS product with an existing customer base that demands innovation and improvements in the product experience.



A prioritized and user-validated product vision and design to give PLANCONNECT a North Star for any further developments.


Project Scope

Product Strategy
Design Sprint
Product Design
Rapid Prototyping


We facilitated a remote Design Sprint Workshop with seven critical stakeholders PLANCONNECT product stakeholders during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The workshop was structured in three half-day workshops: Alignment workshop, Solution workshop, decision workshop.

On the last workshop day, we created a low-fidelity storyboard. The storyboard visually represents the answers to the main sprint questions. Based on that, we created a clickable high-fidelity prototype in Figma.

We conducted remote usability tests to validate the prototype after the workshop.


The workshop team created multiple solution sketches find the best solutions to our customer’s needs.


After the workshop we refined the solution sketches and designed a user flow and a high fidelity prototype.



We learned firsthand what our customers value most about the current solution and what they are missing through the customer-centric nature of the Design Sprint. PLANCONNECT knows where to allocate development resources first and what new features will drive customer satisfaction.